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The purpose of our study is to build a solar powered toy car and find out how to build it such that it can travel the fastest and furthest while taking many factors into consideration. We would build the car by connecting the DC Motor to the solar panel thus powering the toy car. The results we got was that the 6 volt solar panel compared to the 2 volt one generated more energy and both solar panels generated more energy under a higher light intensity (10205 lux) compared to a lower light intensity (8443 lux) thus this factors increases or decreases the speed of the solar powered toy car. We conclude that in order to make build the fastest and least energy consuming toy car we need to have a high volt solar panel that would be light enough to not affect the speed of the toy car due to the weight. These factors can be taken into consideration in the future when we use solar panels to build a real car or even power our house electricity as in years to come, we will run out of fossil fuels or coals. 

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